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Hello world!

Hi guys.

Welcome to Canadian AdsReg website.

On this site you will be able to post free ads for yourself. You can also make your ads special or ladder.
We have designed the electronic wallet section for your convenience. Charge once and pay easily next time.
We have a good feature. Users can search for ads on the map.

Our Partner (SkySoft)

SkySoft is a non-Canadian software company that works with us.
They support and configure our web application, site and server. We trust them completely.

Stay connected with us.

Stay in conversation with us. Your way of thinking is important to us. Your suggestions and criticisms will be reviewed and studied one by one. And your answer will be given (If needed). There will also be prizes for the best comments and suggestions. These rewards can be gift credits or discount codes.

With best regards.
CEO and founder: Hossein Lotfali.



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    Admin January 30, 2023 Reply

    Hi, this is a comment from admin.
    Please send a comment to us. we love it.
    Special Thanks.

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